Quad County Support Services recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each person supported by the association.

→Mission Statement

To encourage the acceptance of all people by fostering a lifestyle that lends itself to the betterment of everyone in the community, safe guarding the rights and responsibilities of all individuals.

→Our Goal

To assist people who are developmentally handicapped to live in a state of dignity, share in all elements of living in the community, and have the opportunity to participate effectively.


1. It is incumbent upon the Association that all individuals be properly informed on an individualized basis before making choices.

2. It is incumbent upon the Association that all individuals be accorded the right to risk that which reflects the norm of society.

3. It is incumbent upon the Association to offer services that match the choice and goals of the individuals supported. These services must provide the individuals with a spectrum of choices that are realistic and reflect that the individuals supported have a uniqueness of abilities.


In 1963 a small group of concerned parents and community members gathered to plan for services for their children who had a developmental disability. After a year of planning the Quad County School was opened. This grew to include a nursery school and then the Opportunity Workshop. As time passed and the school system evolved, so did the structure of Quad County. Services changed to supporting adults and expanded to include more community involvement as well as Residential Options.

Where we are today.

Quad County Support Services provides supports in the rural areas of West Elgin, Southwest Middlesex, and the Eastern Parts of Lambton and Kent counties. The roots of the agency are strong as is the commitment to the individuals and families that it serves. There is a commitment to individuals and families to provide quality service that is driven by individual choice and individual plans. Currently Quad County offers Day Programs including community participation. It also offers Residential Options for Supported Independent Living and Associate Family arrangements. There is also capacity for planning with individuals and families who have received funding through Passport Services. In 1999 Quad County became a community partner for employment services in Middlesex County which is known today as Community Employment Choices that is an Employment Service agency funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.


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