Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for services

On July1, 2011 the Government of Ontario directed that Developmental Service Ontario(DSO) will be the primary contact point for information about relevant community-based services available to adults with developmental disabilities.

The DSO’s provide a single point of access for adults with developmental disabilities who are looking for services and supports.  These supports and services include:

*Residential services and supports

*Activities of daily living services and supports

*Community participation services and supports

*Caregiver respite services and supports

*Professional and specialized services

*Person-directed planning and supports


If you are an adult and wish to apply for services and supports you must contact Developmental Services Ontario directly.


The provincial website is located at .

The toll free telephone number for the DSO-South West Region is: 1-855-437-6797.

The London office is located at:

177 Queens Avenue, Suite 750
London, On N6A 5J7