We provide a variety of supports and services to individuals who have a developmental disability so that they are able to live, learn, work and participate in all aspects of living within inclusive communities.

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Day Programs

→Community Supports

Quad County Support Services has made the difficult decision to not reopen the day program as the age and design of the building did not allow us to meet the Province of Ontario’s Stage 3 reopening requirements. Throughout the fall months, our organization embarked on an extensive consultation process to gather feedback on how best to support individuals moving forward.


In keeping with our strategic plan, we will continue to focus on community development and strengthening our partnerships.


We thank everyone who provided their input to help us create a new path forward.

→Employment Supports

Community Employment Options provides an environment where individuals can develop skills necessary for securing meaningful employment in the community.  Individuals can also be involved in giving back to their community by volunteering.  The end result is that everyone has a feeling of accomplishment and can be proud of their achievements.

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Residential Services

→Supported Independent Living

The Supported Independent Living Program provides specifically tailored supports that help an individual meet their goal of living independently in the community.  Individuals may choose to live alone or share a home with someone else.

→Associate Family

The Associate Family Program partners individuals with families in the community.  In doing so, individuals have the opportunity to live and grow in a nurturing family environment and participate, contribute and lead enriched lives in the community.


→Passport Supports

This service is based on the recognition and support of an individual’s right to use their passport funding to buy the support that best suits their personal need which begins with a personal plan.

→Employment Ontario Services

Quad County is a community sponsor for Community Employment Choices.  Community Employment Choices supports businesses and job seekers in meeting the labour market needs of Middlesex County with: job training information, career planning, job search support, job placement opportunities and incentives, as well as, referrals to community resources.